Fred Jackson Hearing Protection

Fred Jackson Hearing Protection

Supporting TV & Sound Crews


X Factor Auditions Cardiff Hearing protection  is vital for those working in television and film studios and in live entertainment venues.

Repeated exposure and traumatic exposure can change your hearing abilities overnight.

The main areas of hearing damage protected by the use of inner ear hearing protection are Tinnitus, Hyperacusis and hearing loss.

Fred Jackson Hearing Protection offer advice, screening and fittings to sound, lighting crew and camera crews. He is available for individual consultations or to screen multiple staff at one location.

Assessments for hearing protection take up to 3o minutes and include a review of the client’s current work and social needs, a review of the client’s ear inner ear and ear canal to ensure that they are clear of wax and suitable for impression. If not suitable, they will be recommended to seek specialist advice from a GP or Hearing Specialist.

Once the impressions have been taken of both ears, the moulds will be sent off to manufacture and then the bespoke ear plugs will be delivered usually within 14 working days.

In cases of individual appointments for hearing protection, the cost of the assessment is £25.

In the event there is no reason not to proceed with the impression taking, the cost of the assessment and impression taking will be offset against the cost of the earplugs which start at £139.


As with the custom hearing protection, ‘In-Ear-Monitoring’ and ‘Communication Earpieces’ items can be made from the impressions taken.








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