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The main reason I have found that people do not wear any hearing protection is due to lack of comfort, or that the protection tends to block out certain frequencies that are necessary for us to hear speech articulation and some of the pleasant frequencies required in the music we enjoy.



Traditional ‘foam’ plugs are a short term and inexpensive solution but also don’t filter sounds accurately as they merely block all levels. Unfortunately, most people find them ‘abrasive’ or ‘itchy’ over prolonged use due to the nature of the plugs themselves and dirt that becomes trapped in them. They are fine for general short term use and are still an immediate source of protection. ‘Custom made’ hearing protection moulds allow for better wearing comfort and maximum protection to long term noise exposure. They use filters designed to maintain (as close as possible) a smooth, flat frequency response and providing necessary noise attenuation.



Best of all, they are made exclusively for you!

Designed for your unique and individual ears.

Similar to a great pair of well fitted shoes.

There are options for the moulds to accommodate communications systems. This provides better isolation from outside sounds, thus reducing the need for increased volume from the communication device itself. Lower listening levels over prolonged periods help minimise hearing damage.


Some people say, ‘It’s too expensive!’ when suggesting they wear custom hearing protection. I say, ‘How important is your hearing and quality of life?’ Personally, my quality of life has been affected by me not being able to enjoy music the way I used to, to do certain things with my family within our home or to engage in normal social functions with family, friends and work colleagues. As with anything, ‘too much of a good thing…’ Constant use of custom ear protection could lead to the ears becoming too dependent on them and thus increasing intolerance to sound. Bear in mind that the first course of action to protect your hearing is prevention, so they should be used for protection. In my case, this correct usage of custom hearing has allowed my hearing issues to improve over the years.

You just have to use your head.

No pun intended!